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Version: 1.7.0

Getting Started

AstroNvim Screenshot


AstroNvim v1.4.0 has added stable and nightly update channels. For the time being we have kept the default update channel to nightly so that the behavior of AstroNvim doesn't change (this could be considered a breaking change to some). We are planning to make the stable channel the default update channel when Neovim v0.8 is released and we tag AstroNvim v2.0.0 to incorporate this "breaking" change.

⚡ Requirements

  • Nerd Fonts
  • Neovim 0.7+
  • Terminal with true color support (for the default theme, otherwise it is dependent on the theme you are using)
  • Optional Requirements:
    • ripgrep - live grep telescope search (<leader>fw)
    • lazygit - git ui toggle terminal (<leader>tl or <leader>gg)
    • NCDU - disk usage toggle terminal (<leader>tu)
    • Htop - process viewer toggle terminal (<leader>tt)
    • Python - python repl toggle terminal (<leader>tp)
    • Node - node repl toggle terminal (<leader>tn)

When using default theme: For MacOS, the default terminal does not have true color support. You will need to use iTerm2 or another terminal emulator that has true color support.

🛠️ Installation

Make a backup of your current nvim folder

mv ~/.config/nvim ~/.config/nvim.bak
mv ~/.local/share/nvim/site ~/.local/share/nvim/site.bak

Clone the repository

git clone ~/.config/nvim
nvim +PackerSync

If you are still using Neovim v0.6 you can still use the last version of AstroNvim prior to the Neovim v0.7 release. After running the git clone command above please checkout the nvim-0.6 branch like so:

git -C ~/.config/nvim checkout nvim-0.6

Note: This branch will not be updated after the Neovim v0.7 release and will not get any new features or bug fixes.

📦 Setup

Install LSP

Enter :LspInstall followed by the name of the server you want to install

Example: :LspInstall pyright

Install language parser

Enter :TSInstall followed by the name of the language you want to install

Example: :TSInstall python

Manage plugins

Run :PackerClean to remove any disabled or unused plugins

Run :PackerSync to update and clean plugins

Update AstroNvim

Run :AstroUpdate to get the latest updates from the repository

✨ Features

⚙️ Configuration

To begin making custom user configurations you must create a user/ folder. The provided example can be created with (please note the trailing slashes after the directory names)

cp -r ~/.config/nvim/lua/user_example/ ~/.config/nvim/lua/user/

The provided example user_example contains an init.lua file which can be used for all user configuration. After running the cp command above this file can be found in ~/.config/nvim/lua/user/init.lua.